4 major insights on transparency in supply chains from IRBF 2018

viagra free trial coupon Over the years, consumers, investors and media have begun to realise the true environmental and social cost of the products they use. They are demanding that companies treat each person who supplies their product humanely. Is it possible for companies in India to make their supply chains transparent, tier by tier? How can they do

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5 things we learned about investing in equality and dignity from IRBF 2018

http://frasertech.co.uk/?q=viagra-daily-coupon In 2017, 73% of the wealth generated in India went to the richest 1%. 67 crore Indians, who happen to be the poorest half of the population, had little to gain. Their wealth increased  just by 1%. In a country with such deep seated inequality that continues to grow unchecked, how can the private sector

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The 3rd IRBF Conference 2018 Is Here

It is now widely recognized that the private sector is an important stakeholder in bringing equitable and sustainable growth. Its role in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is becoming increasingly critical. It is now clear that a ‘business as usual approach’ will not help us successfully achieve these ambitious development goals for India. The

What Is Driving Companies Towards Responsible And Inclusive Action – Panel Discussion At IRBF 2017

“How do we make responsible business a part of our DNA?” asked Anil Padmanabhan, Session Chair and Executive Editor, Mint, as he began the 2nd panel discussion at IRBF 2017. The topic being discussed was what drives business responsibility. The panel was an interesting mix of business leaders, academics and policymakers who shared their insights. DRIVING FORCES

Leadership Strategies For Responsible & Inclusive Businesses – Panel Discussion At IRBF 2017

“The challenge is what can businesses do to become leaders in making a better society.” said Arun Maira, Session Chair and former member of the Planning Commission as he initiated the first panel discussion at IRBF 2017. The panel discussion was centered around leadership strategies for Indian businesses to adopt inclusive and responsible business practices. The