5 things we learned about investing in equality and dignity from IRBF 2018

cheap price Adobe Flash Professional CS6 In 2017, 73% of the wealth generated in India went to the richest 1%. 67 crore Indians, who happen to be the poorest half of the population, had little to gain. Their wealth increased  just by 1%. In a country with such deep seated inequality that continues to grow unchecked, how can the private sector


Why is India’s Rank So Low on Global Gender Gap Report 2017

VMware Fusion 6 Recently the Uday Kotak Committee on Corporate Governance talked about ensuring gender diversity on the board of a company. It called for mandating the appointment of at least one woman as an independent director.  This comes as no surprise to us. In the India Responsible Business Index 2016, we found out that more than 30% of


Banking On Gender Equality – Women’s Advancement A Critical Element Of Sustainable Finance

http://manchesterdogwhisperer.co.uk/?oem=discount-Adobe-Illustrator-CS6-MAC&bac=3c   What have financial institutions got to do with gender equality? Far more than many realize. The sustainable finance initiative has been underway since the 1990s as a branch of the ‘responsible business conduct’ movement. ‘Sustainable finance’ encourages financial institutions (FIs) not only to fund sustainable businesses or projects – such as green bonds or