3 Key Observation From #WEF2016 That Indian Businesses Must Take Note Of

#WEF2016 discussed global challenges. Here are 3 observations that Indian businesses must take note of: http://bit.ly/1UQ5HLD Inequality, health, gender – 3 observations from #WEF2016 that Indian Businesses must address now. Read more: http://bit.ly/1UQ5HLD The theme for this year’s annual meeting of the World Economic Forum was ‘Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution.’ This was rather brave,

Markets Also Discriminate

The unfortunate fact about market based gender discrimination is that it exists across borders and across socio-economic strata. In my blog, I focus on two of the many functions that markets perform – selling and employment. Although markets represent people (and their mindsets) it tends to take an overarching role as an institution in influencing

India Can Lead By Example In Responsible, Inclusive Business Practices

India is the world’s #1 developing economy. How can India encourage responsible business strategies? http://bit.ly/1MMjBx1 The #private sector’s role in #sustainable #development is increasingly important. Full story here. http://bit.ly/1MMjBx1 With the introduction of the Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations has indicated that it is crucial to engage with the private sector. The SDGs now