Sustainable and Responsible Investing

The sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) market is a fast growing segment of the financial universe. Globally, investors are increasingly adopting sustainable and responsible investment strategies in consort with the conventional financial analysis for a myriad of reasons. In India too, the responsible investment market has grown by a factor of two as compared to 2012. However, the Indian SRI assets makes a mere 0.1% of the of the global SRI assets.

This has been the findings of the study done by Oxfam-cKinetics, ‘Drops before the rain?- India Sustainable and Responsible Investing Landscape 2017’

The study also shows that, investors have a positive outlook towards India as a market for responsible investment. Standardization of data, increasing ESG information depth, introduction of review mechanism and  increasing accountability are likely to play a key role in advancing SRI strategies.

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