The U.P. Sugar (Control) Order, 1966

This Order is made to ensure continuous supply, distribution and availability of sugar at fair prices in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, and is exercised by the U.P. State Government under its powers in the Essential Commodities Act, 1955, in agreement with the Central Government. 

Section 1 delineates the short title and scope of this Order which extends to whole of Uttar Pradesh. 

Section 2 enlists the definitions of ‘Authorized retailer’, ‘Bulk consumers’, ‘Identity card’, etc. ‘Levy Sugar’ is defined as the sugar sold by vacuum-pan sugar factory only by the authorized dealers/ retailers licensed under the U.P. Sugar and Gur Dealers Licensing Order, 1962.  

Section 3 mentions the restrictions on the sale of Levy Sugar. As pet this section: 

  • Authorized retailers/ dealers should only sell Levy Sugar 
  • The Levy Sugar cannot be sold at a price higher than that decided by the District Magistrate. 

Section 4 talks about the maintenance and timely submission of returns of statements by the authorized dealers and retailers as a personal responsibility.  

Section 5 clearly says that the authorized retailer/ dealer should display the sale price of sugar (as per its grade), at the entrance or in close proximity of the entrance.  

Section 7 talks about the power of the State Government and District Magistrate to enter, inspect, or seize any of the premises, sale, purchase, or storage of Sugar.  

Section 8 and 9 mentions about the use and possession of Identity Cards. It refers to the ID cards issued by the District Magistrate for getting the Levy Sugar and each household is entitled to issue only one ID.  

Section 8 clearly says that no person should temper, alter, destroy or dishonestly prepare the ID card to obtain greater quantity of sugar entitled to them. Section 9 says that consumers can only present one ID to obtain the sugar at one particular time and that the dealer or retailer has no right to confiscate the cards of the consumers.  

Section 10 says that only correct information should be provided by the people in the enquiry form.  

Section 11 lists the restrictions on the movement of Sugar in and across the U.P. border area. 

  • More than 5KG of Sugar cannot be transported in or across borders of the state, except with the permission of the District Magistrate.  
  • No permission is required for transportation of Sugar from factories by a recognized dealer with a valid order or for transportation in accordance to Military Credit Notes. 
  • No permit is needed for the transportation of the Khandsari Sugar within or across borders including movement of Khandsari Sugar from village to nearest market (Mandi), or from manufacturing or factory locations.  

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