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We are a community of civil society organizations, human rights defenders, researchers and practitioners, engaging around questions of business, human rights and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The online Community of Practice (CoP) provides a platform for civil society actors to share knowledge, resources and experiences of effective private sector influencing and accountability.


The purpose of this community is to bring diverse voices and opinions to encourage learning, exchange and critical discussions on responsible business in India. Our objective is to build a critical mass around a unified civil society voice to address and hold to account businesses around core issues of human rights and sustainable development.

The CoP is moderated by Oxfam India and membership is restricted only to civil society. This is to ensure that the platform provides a safe space for unfettered and frank discussions on the challenges, opportunities and strategies to influence private sector action and accountability. As a learning and exchange platform, the CoP is open to Indian and non-Indian CSOs.


In addition to being a discussion platform, the CoP also contains knowledge-based materials and resources, such as national and international laws, policies, guidelines and protocols, which are helpful in understanding the roles, responsibilities and expectations of companies with respect to responsible business conduct. It also contains reports, papers and analyses by national and international NGOs pertaining to specific aspects of business and human rights, information on upcoming events which may be of interest to CoP users, and toolkits.

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