Community Rights and Forest Governance

Are you interested in the rights of communities and the governance of resources in India’s forests?

This course delivers a clear understanding of:

– the historical, economic, political and social factors driving land use in India’s forests, 

– the legal framework for the governance of resources and rights in forests, 

– the negotiation of conflicting claims over land use, and 

– the practical tools that communities can use to protect and advance their interests in these conflicts.

It contains videos, reading materials, sample materials, group exercises, and tests spread across three modules. 

The first module will help learners appreciate the factors influencing the purposes for which forested landscapes are used. 

The second module will help learners understand the legal and administrative framework for determining how land is used in forested landscapes. 

The third module will help learners understand how communities and individuals living in forested landscapes can use the laws to respond during situations of conflict over land use.


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