Virtual Course on Business And Human Rights | 6-10 July, 2020

The annual Oxfam-HURBA Business and Human Rights (BHR) Course is back! This year, the Course has taken on a COVID 19-proof VIRTUAL avatar, but the learning, engagement, and interaction remains the same. 

Drawing on evolving theoretical frameworks, international developments and case studies, leading experts, academics and practitioners from India and abroad will unpack cutting-edge BHR issues in an interactive manner. The webinars will particularly focus on issues and challenges emerging in India and other South Asian countries.

The course has been designed as an intensive five-day programme to guide you through the most relevant issues, policies and practices in the field of BHR. Through this course, you will have the opportunity to discover the linkages between BHR and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), emerging discussions around mandatory human rights due diligence (mHRDD), National Action Plans on BHR and corporate accountability in light of COVID-19. Interact and take part as you go along in one-of-a-kind series of webinars, which is carefully curated to help you understand:

1.        Difference between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and responsible business conduct (RBC)

2.        The role of business and industries in upholding and protecting human rights

3.        Impact of business operations on environment and climate

4.        Gendered impacts of business activities

5.        How businesses can make their supply chains free of human rights violations and offer access to remedy when violations occur

Session Layout: 15 hours of intensive, interactive seminars, divided into ten webinars. Two sessions per day of 90 minutes each will be held every day for five days, from July 6 to 10, 2020. 

The course is free and open to all. Each session (webinar) will accommodate 100 participants, on first-come-first-served basis. While we recommend attending all the webinars in sequence, you may also choose those that suit you interest and schedule.  


1.        World-renowned academics and top experts on BHR.

2.        The course is virtual, free and open to all.

3.        A Course Completion Certificate will be conferred by Oxfam & HURBA upon successful completion of all ten sessions.

To learn more about the course, speakers and curriculum hit the links below.

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