WEBINAR: Human Cost of Tea: Gender Perspective


Women constitute more than 50% of the workforce of Assam. Yet, they remain marginalized in many senses in the tea industry. The second webinar of the #HumanCostOfTea webinar series will largely focus on the living and working conditions of the women working in the tea plantations of Assam. There will be a dialogue amongst the participants about the current state of tea industry in Assam against the backdrop of the sexual division of labour, the role of patriarchy, trade unions, sexual abuses, and subordination of women in tea estates. The session will deliberate on the intersectionality of class, gender, workplace inequalities, and the industrial relations scenario in the tea estates. It will also discuss the current minimalistic role of the State and low social welfare activities, which resultantly are one of the major cause of the pathetic working conditions, especially linked to the health hazards of women workers.

It’s Time to Address the #HumanCostOfTea

 Human Cost of Tea: Gender Perspective

Date: 10th December 2020

Time/Duration: 14:00 IST/ 2hrs

Location: GoToWebinar. Please register here for join details

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